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Desert Fox Golf

DJ-10 Golf Speaker

DJ-10 Golf Speaker

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  • Bluetooth speaker designed from the ground up for golf
  • Big sound in a small package.
  • 8 hours of typical play time
  • Magnet holds the speaker to the cart frame
  • Integrated charging cord for those times you forget to charge it before your round

Key Features

  • "Retro" Power/Volume Knob
  • Rear Facing Speaker Cones (projects your music out instead of at you)
  • Integrated USB-A Charging Cable
  • Compact, Light-weight Design
  • Pair 2 Speakers with Bluetooth TWS (True Wireless Stereo Mode)


  • 5w Speaker Output
  • 8+ Hours of Typical Playback
  • 100ft of Range
  • IP65 Dust Proof and Water Resistant
  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • A2DP 1.3.2, AVRCP 1.6.2
  • 2400mAh Li-Ion Battery


  • 3.125" x 4.0" x 2.25"
  • 11oz
  • 5' USB Power Cord

Custom Logo

We built the DJ-10 from the ground up with custom logos in mind. With no minimums and a $30 logo setup fee, we can add your own full color logo to our DJ-10 speaker.

Contact Logan Barbour for details and pricing.

(833) 803-4653 Ext 1

Click here for DJ-10 instructions. View full details

Not Just Another Wireless Golf Speaker

by Eric Fox Designer of the DJ-10

There are a lot of good wireless speakers in the market today, but very few, in my opinion, are built specifically for golf with only the features you need and none that you don't. I felt that the speakers in the market all had some annoying limitations that could be addressed with a new design. I set out to develop a speaker from the ground up to be ultra-simple to use, compact, cost effective, and deliver great sound quality. The DJ-10 delivers the perfect balance of features and functionality for an amazing on-course music experience.

Buttons: I don't know about you, but the buttons on most blue tooth speakers are terrible. To change the volume, you have to smash those rubber buttons a million times, and half the time, it seems they do nothing. My solution was to go "old school” and resurrect the reliable power/volume knob. Simply twist the knob to turn the speaker on/off and use it to control the volume. Like magic, I eliminated up to four buttons!

Volume: I find it frustrating to turn on a Bluetooth speaker, turn the volume up, and wonder why the music isn't very loud only to discover that I have to turn up the volume on my phone AND speaker. Why? I designed our DJ-10 volume knob to simultaneously control both the speaker and phone volume. Now, you only need ONE place to adjust the volume.

Charging: If you are like me, you forget to take your speaker home and charge it after the round. I never carry a USB cable in my golf bag, and when I do remember to take it home, I can’t find the USB power cord. I solved this with another "old school” idea: a permanently attached power cord conveniently stored in a little cubby on the bottom of the speaker. If the battery dies mid-round with a DJ-10, use its 5-foot long cord to plug it into the USB port on the golf cart and recharge while continuing to listen to your music.

Size: Some speakers are huge, almost 2x the size of the DJ-10! Yes, you can blast your music so that people three holes away can listen to your Funky Cold Madina or your Briteny Spears, but just because you can, doesn't mean you should. I designed the DJ-10 to be loud enough to enjoy your music while showing respect for tradtional golf etiquette in the process. Bigger isn't always better and because of this, I made the DJ-10 less than half the size and weight of speakers like the Wingman and Player+.

Value: The trend today is to integrate “extra" features into golf speakers like yardage. I think a speaker should focus on being a speaker. Use devices specifically designed to deliver accurate results: like a GPS Device, GPS App, or Laser Range Finder to get your yardage. To me, the yardage functions on the speakers are just OK and some require you to use the vendor’s specific app. You have more choices and are better served using a laser range finder or dedicated GPS app on your phone, which you have to use to play your music anyway. Choosing not to integrate these extra features allows the DJ-10 to sound great at a fraction of the price.

Golf Speaker w/ GPS


You need your phone to stream your favorite music to your speaker, so why not use one of the hundreds of great GPS apps on your phone?There are so many amazing features in today’s golf apps that go beyond yardage: hole layout, reading greens, stat keeping, electronic scoring, betting and more. We believe that a combination of purpose built devices delivers the best experience and gives you so much more than front/middle/back yardages from a $300 speaker!

This is exactly why we decided NOT to build extra features into the DJ-10 and allow you to pair it with our Phone Caddy to keep your favorite golf app and phone right at your finger tips. Take control of your music and your golf game using your phone!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Overall design is really nice


The pop out volume knob is great and so is the cord compartment. The way it complements the phone holder.


I think it looks cool and has good sound quality. I also like the cord storage.


Like the magnet to keep it in place and the sound is pretty good for such a small speaker.