Phone Caddy Instruction Video

In this video we'll show you exactly how it works.
  • Instructions

    1. Remove Phone Caddy from golf cart (if installed)

    2. Loosen top and back thumb screws

    3. Spread wings apart

    4. Push faceplate all the way back

    5. Insert phone

    6. Squeeze wings together until pressed against sides of phone

    7. Tighten back thumb nut

    8. Press top thumb nut forward until faceplate is firmly resting against back of phone

    9. Tighten top thumb nut

  • Install on Cart

    1. Unstrap velcro

    2. Wrap velcro around upright pole of golf cart

    3. Pass velcro through loop.

    4. Pull firmly and attach velcro to itself


Q:  Will my phone bounce out?

A: Short answer: No.  We have done extensive testing with some of the most extreme golf cart driving imaginable, and we are confident that your phone will not fall out if the Phone Caddy is adjusted correctly.  When adjusted correctly, your phone should slide in and out, but not rattle.

Q:  Why does the phone caddy let the phone slide in and out?  Why not just clamp the whole thing down?

A:  We wanted the phone to easily slide in and out to give you more access to your phone.  If you want to type a quick text message, put a score into an app, or check a yardage from the middle of the fairway when it's cart path only, it's nice to be able to grab your phone, do what you need to do, then put it back.

Q:  Does the Phone Caddy work with Pop Sockets?

A:  No.

Q:  My phone is loose and rattles around, is this supposed to be this way?

A:  No.  When your phone is placed in the Phone Caddy, it should not move around or rattle (even when you go over the most extreme bumps).  The most common cause of a loose phone occurs when the faceplate is not adjusted correctly.  Make sure the top of the faceplate is resting firmly against the back of your phone.  If it is not, loosen the top thumb screw, push it towards your phone and tighten the thumbscrew when the faceplate is pressing firmly against the back of the phone.

Q:  My phone doesn't easily slide out of the Phone Caddy, why?

A:  Some cases have a tacky finish and may prevent your phone from sliding out easily. Loosen the thumbscrew on the back of the phone caddy, spread the wings slightly apart and tighten the back thumb screw.  This will give your phone a little more room and should allow it to slide in and out effortlessly.

Q:  The Phone Caddy slides down the pole, is it defective?

A:  There are 2, anti-slip pads on the back of the Phone Caddy that keep it from moving. Tighten the velcro strap firmly enough to engage these pads.  Once you tighten the velcro strap enough, your Phone Caddy will not move.

Q:  Why is the faceplate bent forward and springy?

A:  This feature presses your phone against the front of the wings on the Phone Caddy and keeps your phone from rattling around while allowing it to easily slide in and out.

Repairing Your Phone Caddy

We offer a parts kit ​for our Phone Caddy in case you lost or damaged one of the small parts.  The parts kit covers the microfiber bag, the strap, the thumbscrews and the gear.

 Please contact our support staff to request a parts kit sent to you at no charge.

(833) 803-4653 option #2

If you have a parts kit and need instructions, click here.

Contact for any other questions or issues.