Built by golfers for golfers

Great features in a small package

5W of Speaker Power - Enough umph to enjoy your music in and around your cart but not enough to annoy players 4 holes over

Dual Rear Facing Speaker Cones - Projects your music out of the cart, making conversations more pleasant in the cart

Integrated Charging Cable - For those times when you forget to charge your speaker, plug it directly into the cart without skipping a beat

Ultra Strong Neodymium Magnet - Attaches your DJ-10 right to the frame of the golf cart

Simplified User Interface - We spent a ton of time on the user interface to be as simple and easy to use as possible. From the simple power/volume knob on the front to the ultra simple bluetooth connect button on the bottom making your connection experience as seamless as possible


Turn your volume on for best viewing experience.
  • Single Speaker Mode

    1. Press power/volume knob on front of speaker

    2. Twist knob clockwise to power on speaker

    3. Press blue bluetooth button on bottom of speaker to begin pairing

    4. Open bluetooth settings on your device and select DJ-10 to connect

    5. Adjust volume using knob

    6. Power/Volume knob can be pushed back in while in use

  • Dual Speaker Stereo Mode

    1. Turn on both speakers

    2. Long press bluetooth button on the bottom of both speakers

    3. Both speakers will announce they are paring in stereo mode

    4. It may take up to 45 seconds for the speakers to pair

    5. Once paired the speakers will announce they are paired in stereo mode

    6. Open bluetooth setting on device and connect to the DJ-10

    7. Volume can be controlled from either speaker


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Battery Status

Each time the DJ-10 is powered on a voice prompt indicates the battery status of the speaker. When the battery reaches 10% remaining capacity a Battery Low voice prompt will also occur.

  • Fully Charged
  • Battery 75%
  • Battery 50%
  • Battery 25%
  • Battery Low


The DJ-10 comes with an integrated 5 foot long USB-A charging cable. We designed the length of this cable to allow you to plug your DJ-10 into the cart while enjoying your music.

Simply open up the charging cable compartment on the bottom of the speaker, plug the USB-A cable in and close the lid.

There are small cord cutouts on either side of the compartment to allow the lid to close while the cable is deployed.

Volume Control

The DJ-10 was designed to control the volume of your music using the volume control knob on the front of the speaker. An easy and intuitive interface (and yes a little old school) twist of the knob sets the volume to where you want it.

If you are like us, you hate having to control the volume on your Phone and on the Speaker. We designed the DJ-10 such that when you change the volume using the knob on the speaker, it updates the volume on your phone. So now you have a single point to control your volume. No more having to set the volume in 2 places.

NOTE: If you do change the volume on your phone, the next time you twist the volume knob on the DJ-10 the volume will snap to the knob setting as you turn it. This is normal operation.


It couldn't be easier to mount the DJ-10 to the golf cart. The 2 ultra strong Neodymium magnets allows the DJ-10 to stick directly to the frame of the golf cart.

Stereo Mode


Q:  What is the best way to control the volume?

A: We designed the DJ-10 so that when you adjust the volume using the volume knob it changes the volume of the speaker and the volume level of your phone updates as well. No more having to adjust the volume on your phone and the speaker. Just use the volume knob.

Q:  Why does the volume sometimes jump when using the volume knob?

A:  Since we wanted the simplist volume control possible we linked the volume of the speaker to your phone. So when you change the volume on the speaker, it changes the level on your phone. If you change the volume on your phone and then change the volume using the knob on the DJ-10 the volume level may jump to reset what the knob setting is. This is totally normal operation. We recommend just using the volume control knob on the DJ-10 to control the volume.

Q:  What does the blue light on the bottom of the speaker mean?

A:  There are 3 states for the bluetooth status LED (the blue one). 1) When the LED it is on and not blinking it means that the DJ-10 is paired to a device. 2) When the LED is slow blinking it means the speaker is in pairing mode. 3) When the LED is fast blinking it means it is in stereo pairing mode.

Q:  I turned off the speaker and back on immediately but it didn't power back on?

A:  This happens when you don't give the DJ-10 enough time to fully power down. You should wait a minimum of 5 seconds after powering the unit down before powering it back on. If this happens simply turn the speaker off (rotate the power/volume knob counter clockwise until it clicks) for 5 seconds and then power it back on.

Contact support@desertfoxgolf.com for any other questions or issues.